About us

The story of FYLLAS family foundry begins three generations ago. Since 1994, its field of operation is casting and production of thermodynamic energy-efficient fireplace hearths made of cast-iron and steel with cast-iron shielding. Nowadays, in our 7500 sq.m. privately-owned facilities and 1500 sq.m. of roofed areas we have created a vertical hearth production unit that includes casting, assembly, finishing, painting and fireplace door mechanisms construction sub-units. The strict supervision in all production stages guarantees the final result, which meets today's requirements for autonomous heating.

Thanks to our company’s reliability we commenced a collaboration with the German energy-efficient hearth manufacturing company BRUNNER, that entrusted us with the promotion of its products (energy-efficient cast-iron and steel fireplaces, energy-efficient boiler fireplaces, IRON DOG cast-iron wood stoves) in Greece and Cyprus.

The need for alternative forms of energy in Greece is nowadays a fact. To this end, apart from our main facilities - production and exhibition - at the 16th km of the Thessaloniki-Serres road, we have created a 150 sq.m. exhibition centre east of Thessaloniki at 72 Plastira street, Pylaia, where we provide complete information regarding the operation of our exhibited products to professionals and individuals who want to have autonomous and cost-efficient heating in their residence.

In our exhibition centre, apart from fireplaces manufactured by our company and certified products manufactured by the German company BRUNNER & IRON DOG, you will find high quality and environmentally friendly air and water heating (radiators) pellet stoves, energy-efficient cassette stoves, fireplace-stoves with oven, energy-efficient boiler-fireplaces manufactured by the Spanish company BRONBI, as well as wood stoves and water-heating (radiators) wood stoves manufactured by THERMIA with flawless design and maximum energy efficiency.

By providing installation design, decoration proposals, installation and technical support we offer quality and competitive GREEK prices.