Cast-iron energy-efficient & thermodynamic fireplace RF 55.2 f

Code: RF-55.2-f

Cast-iron energy-efficient & thermodynamic fireplace RF 55.2 f straight sliding door

Cast-iron hearth with cast-iron detachable Φ 225 cone. A damper can be fitted to the cone for manual adjustment of the flue gas output flow.

The combustion chamber has Chamotte (compressed fire-resistant brick) lining, with high heat accumulation capacity, and the cone is shielded with isothermic material.

Straight  sliding type door, ceramic glass (resistant to 800 Cο), and straight detachable metallic frame that ensures a perfect aesthetic result when installed.

Manual adjustment of combustion air. Supplied with metallic adjustable base.

Nominal thermal output   :        9 kW (average value over three eight-hour periods)

Required combustible material:    nominal load 2.5 kg/h           accumulation mode 4,8 kg/h

Combustion output (maximum):    nominal load 11,5 kW          accumulation mode 20kW

Flue gas mass flow :   nominal load 14 g/sec                                accumulation mode 21 g/sec

Weight  :             hearth 109 kg / chamotte 68 kg

Germany: BlmSchV 2.stufe,

Austria: 15aBVG,

Switzerland: LRV

Tested according to: EN 13229W, EN 13229WA

Simple metal cone and "power"

INOX version

"EAS" electronic combustion air adjustment system

"MAS" ceramic rings system for heat accumulation

"KESSELMODUL” water system (heating system boiler)

MAS ceramic ring system for high heat accumulation and release thereof into the room for 3 to 6 hours after the fireplace has been put out (lower temperature of flue gas by approximately 200 ΟC during output).

Water assist system (radiator) that transfers 30% of the produced heat to the water and increases hearth output by approximately 7 kW.

Flue gas damper

Panel from the EAS automatic combustion air supply adjustment system.