Steel energy-efficient fireplace Kompakt Kamin 51/67 f/s

Code: KompaktKamin-51-67-fs

Steel energy-efficient fireplace Kompakt Kamin 51/67 f/s straight sliding door

Steel hearth with cast-iron detachable Φ225 cone. A damper can be fitted to the cone for manual adjustment of the flue gas output flow.

The combustion chamber has Chamotte (compressed fire-resistant brick) lining, with high heat accumulation capacity, and the cone is shielded with isothermic material.

Straight, sliding ("easy lift" mechanism) and reclining door (klick-klack mechanism),ceramic glass (resistant to 800 Cο), and straight detachable metallic frame that ensures a perfect aesthetic result when installed.

Manual adjustment of combustion air. Supplied with metallic adjustable base.

  • Nominal thermal output :11kW (average value over three eight-hour periods)
  • Required combustible material :nominal load 3,3 kg/h      accumulation mode 5 kg/h
  • Combustion output (maximum) :nominal load 15 kW       accumulation mode 22 kW
  • Flue gas mass flow :nominal load 12g/sec                          accumulation mode 13 g/sec
  • Weight : hearth160 kg / chamotte 80 kg
  • Germany:BlmSchV 2.stufe
  • Austria:15aBVG
  • Switzerland: LRV

Tested according to: EN 13229W, EN 13229WA

metal cone plain & power

  • INOX version
  • "EAS"electronic combustion air adjustment system
  • "MAS"ceramic rings system for heat accumulation
  • "KESSELMODUL” water system (heating system boiler)

MAS ceramic ring system for high heat accumulation and release thereof into the room for 3 to 6 hours after the fireplace has been put out (lower temperature of flue gas by approximately 200 ΟC during output).

Water assist system (radiator) that transfers 30% of the produced heat to the water and increases hearth output by approximately 7 kW.

Flue gas damper

Panel from the EAS automatic combustion air supply adjustment system