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IRON DOG Company

BRUNNER has its head offices in Eggenfelden, Germany. For the last 30 years, it produces energy-efficient cast-iron & steel fireplace hearths with 10 & 5 year warranties respectively, energy-efficient furnaces and energy-efficient IRON DOG cast-iron stoves, accompanied with CE certifications from three countries, Germany blmschv, Austria 15abvg, Switzerland lrv. This places it among the top exporting units in Europe and mainly in the Nordic countries and Russia.

A key feature of its products is their nominal thermal output ranging from 9 to 15 kW (average value: three eight-hour periods) with maximum combustion output from 17 to 32 kW, and required combustible material ranging from 2.5 kg/h to 4.4 kg/h in hearths and fireplace boilers.

The IRON DOG cast-iron wood stoves consume between 2 and 2.2 kg/h, with nominal thermal output ranging from 7 to 8 kW and efficiency ratio ranging from 80.6 to 82%.

They provide an innovative design.